Not to be confused with the Zoot Chip.


Zoot Token (Platinum 5)

General informationEdit

You need a token to play Zoot's Loot again.

Zoot Tokens can be bought from the Store or won from Zoot's Loot, Zoot's Jackpot, Map for 1,000,000 and up Tiers, MissionsPlayer Tournaments, Defense Simulator, Beginner's Kit, Incendiary Box, Builder's Box, Decimator Box, Salvage Box, Renegade Crate, Cerulean Mystery Box, SCC Mystery Box, Scyllith's Ransom, and Fireproof Shield Box, or as bonuses for Platinum purchases. Also, the Beginner's Kit comes with 2 Zoot Tokens inside it. Only Zoot accepts these Zoot Tokens.

Zoots lootdv

Zoot's Loot


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