MAJOR UPDATE (6th January 2012)Edit

Level 11 has arrived! - Updates include; new level 11 units and buildings; level 2500, 3000 and 3500 NPC's have been added, and there has also some changes to existing NPC bases and also some rule changes have been implemented.

On the rule changes Kabam made the following announcement via their forums:

" Some small modifications to unit values, all positive. Specters and Titans are cheaper to train, Shrikes & Hornets should be cheaper and/or more effective. Try them out.Many Faction Maps have been tweaked, buildings moved around, etc. Some of your previous strategy won't work anymore. Adapt to the challenge! "

Patchnotes (in full)

" We have a handful of improvements that went out today! Here's the list:
Bug Fixes
- if the player tries attacking but they have a shield active AND the target is online, they see both warning dialogs. - fixing rounding issue with collect all button showing the incorrect collect values - make sure the alliance leader can send invites to people in the global channel
New Feature!
- type /me to talk in third person
Map Improvements
- show alliance name for outpost bases when scouting a base on the map - coordinates manually typed into the map now appear centered on the map, with 'map crosshairs' on this node so it's easy to spot - map coordinates in chat are now clickable. just enter the coordinates in chat following the format {XXX,YYY} - fixes bug where players would see the 'claim' option, even though they already have a base
Have a question about this update? Send a message to @EdgeworldGame on Twitter! "