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Terraknor Box (Platinum.png 10)

When opened, a Terraknor Box yields a Terraknor Control one in four. It could be bought at Store or awarded by Zoot's Loot, Zoot's Jackpot, Map reward (1,000,000 tier and 10,000,000), every third-day login in a row at Kabam.com, the Level-5 Command Center Mission, and the 2011 Halloween Daily Missions 8 a day until Nov 1 then 1 a day until a break 2012 Feb 5 until it had been phased out, along with the Terraknor control, for the Salvage Box.


Besides Terraknor Controls, you can win other items, but the bigger odds are getting a shield or a 5-min XP Boost:

Reporter FidoFuz alysdexia
Date 27 Dec 2012 Totals
Quantity 10,846 115 10,961
1-hour Shield 5,182 60 5,242
Terraknor Control 2,634 26 2,660
5-Min 8x XP Boost 1,694 19 1,713
1-hour Accelerator 627 5 633
Incendiary Core 447 3 450
Pulse Core 262 2 264


Daily Treat!, 2011 Oct 27[]

Daily Missions have arrived! These missions can be completed once each day, for bonus resources, XP, or items.

Your first mission is to get these Terraknors under control. They're tearing up the whole planet! Our scientists have created a huge number of Terraknor Boxes, and you can receive 8 Boxes for FREE each day!

All you have to do is log in and check your Daily Missions each day, now through Monday! (Oct 31) Celebrate Halloween with your own horde of Terraknor, and get ready to chow down on some bases!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Halloween Weekend Events, 2011 Oct 29[]

The Terraknors are here, and they're eating your base! Research and train these monsters, and create a Terraknor attack force of your own!

Log into the game and check your Daily Missions to receive 8 Terraknor Boxes each day, now through Monday!

http://community.kabam.com/forums/showthread.php?42004 Visit our Forums to participate in our Halloween costume and art contest!

We also have a Trick-and-Treat thread going, with Platinum prizes for participating!

It's all happening this Halloween weekend in Edgeworld!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Terraknor Boxes - Temporarily Unavailable, 2012 Feb 5[]

Earlier today we released errant code which allowed some Kabam.com players of Edgeworld to get daily rewards multiple times. We have corrected the error, but some players exploited the error to get multiple extra Terraknor Boxes. As part of the correction, we've temporarily disabled Terraknor Boxes so that they are removed from the store, but they will be restored tomorrow including restoration of those legitimately acquired. Control Devices still work and are still available from the store at a discounted price.

We apologize for the error and hope to have everything back to normal shortly. We'll have a further update by noon tomorrow (Monday) Pacific time.

—Edgeworld, Mail

1-Day Attack Challenge, 2012 Feb 15[]

Win PvP battles to receive a Terraknor Box or KIRA's Gift! Check your mail for the rules!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update


Well done, Commander! You have received a prize for winning PvP battles on Wednesday, February 15!

10 battles: Terraknor Box
60 battles: KIRA's Gift

Check your inventory for your prize(s)!

Upgrade to Level 7, 2012 Mar 21[]

Prizes: Pulse Cores & Racks, Terraknor Boxes, and Hour of Power Crates! Rules in your mail!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update


Your level 7+ building has been chosen as a winner in our upgrade contest! A Pulse Core and a Terraknor Box have been added to your inventory. Congratulations!

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