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Level 11 and Update 6th Jan 2012[]

Myself and FidoFuz have done a lot of work updating this with Level 11 info and also created more structure to the layout and navigation, any feedback is welcome..

BTW anyone know who the admin/founder is? JavaByte 12:51, January 8, 2012 (UTC)

Unsigned Posts[]

  • Looking for any and all help from players of edgeworld to add content to the tables given for building, weapons, troops, research, etc. I filled in what I had available, but am too far along to fill in early data, and not far enough yet to fill in later data. If enough people simply input the data they have available where it is needed, we should have no problem finishing this wikia and making it useful in determining what to build, attack with, and how to prioritize upgrades and research. Thanks.
  • I've added the stats for all units and all levels which are correct as at 4 Nov 2011, adjusting some incorrect figures. If all the building stats are still needed I'll add those too.
  • How about a brief overview of the game for newbies stumbling in from the web looking for information?
  • Is Edgeworld a tower defense game? what modes of play are are available? What is your main objective over the course of many games? Is there in-game lore to be explored? etc.