Colony shield generator

General information

The Shield Generator boosts the defenses of all your bases by increasing the health of all buildings and damage output of defensive turrets when active.

When destroyed, the Shield Generator will be inactive and all boosts supplied by this building will be gone until it is fully repaired.


Size 100×100
Level Health LB Time Crystal Gas Energy Cores
1 500 2% 12s 50 50 100
2 1,000 4% 1m 400 400 800
3 1,500 10% 5m 1,000 1,000 2,000
4 2,000 18% 25m 5,000 5,000 5,000
5 2,500 28% 8h20m 50,000 50,000 50,000
6 3,000 40% 20h50m 50,000 50,000 50,000
7 3,500 55% 1d7h15m 50,000 50,000 50,000
8 4,000 71% 1d20h6m 50,000 50,000 50,000
9 4,500 90% 2d8h57m 50,000 50,000 50,000
10 5,000 112% 2d21h48m 50,000 50,000 50,000 Ccore-icon
11 5,500 136.4% 3d10h40m 50,000 50,000 50,000 Ccore-icon
12 5,500 200.6% 3d10h40m 50,000 50,000 50,000 Ccore-icon
13 6,000 250.7% 3d10h40m 50,000 50,000 50,000 Ccore-icon
14 6,000 300.8% 3d10h40m 50,000 50,000 50,000 Ccore-icon
15 6,500 350.9% 3d10h40m 50,000 50,000 50,000 VCoreIcon
16 7,000 400.8% 5d18h20m 60,000 60,000 60,000 VCoreIcon
17 7,500 501.0% 6d11h 70,000 70,000 70,000 Ruby Core Icon
18 8,000 600.2% 6d22h40m 80,000 80,000 80,000 Ruby Core Icon
19 8,500 700.2% 7d10h20m 90,000 90,000 90,000 Ruby Core Icon 2
20 11,500 7d22h 100,000 100,000 100,000 Ruby Core Icon 2
21 14,500 8d9h40m 110,000 110,000 110,000 Ruby Core Icon 2
22 17,500 8d21h20m 120,000 120,000 120,000 Ruby Core Icon 2

The percentages given here in LB are approximate; the actual game uses a formula that is too complex for us to work out, but is a function of Player Level and Health of both bases. Bases full of well-upgraded turrets and buildings should show a better boost than the below which is taken from the upgrade screen and is smaller than the boosts in the player level gauge and player file. The percentage in the LB column is added to your level to get your new one for combat.

If the Generator is destroyed, these boosts fall back one Level until it has been repaired.

[Defense Level] = [Player Level]*(1+[Level Boost]).
Example: L100 Player, L9 Shield Generator;
100*(1+90%) = 100*(1.9) = 190.
Example: L100 Player, L9 Shield Generator HQ, L9 Shield Generator A1;
100*(1+90%+90%) = 100*(2.8) = 280.
Example: L100 Player, L11 Shield Generator HQ, L12 Shield Generator A1;
100*(1+136%+200%) = 100*(4.36) = 436.
Example: L100 Player, L9 Shield Generator HQ, L14 Shield Generator A1;
100*(1+90%+300%) = 100*(4.9) = 490.

Shield Generator

Edge shield off

Players with this symbol next to their level have a destroyed Shield Generator or no shield generator at all

Edge shield on

Players with this symbol next to their level have an active Shield Generator. 


The Shield Generator has arrived!, 2012 Feb 22

Shield Generator

Reaching the Aurora-1 outpost, located in this frozen wasteland, will be difficult. Most of the ships we're sending won't make it back. Get the perimeter secured and the base operational. We're still investigating, but we've intercepted some Maar chatter about a...a shield generator.

—Edgeworld, Mail, Daily Update

Upgrade your Shield Generator!, 2012 Feb 22


Take your Shield Generator to level 10 or 11 and win a 7-Day or 14-Day Accelerator!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

Win Accelerators: Rapid Shielding Deployment, 2012 Feb 22

Upgrade your shield generator to level 10, win a 7-Day Accelerator!

Upgrade your shield generator to level 11, win a 14-Day Accelerator!

Shields up! The shield generator is now available in Aurora-1. Move quickly and you'll get a special bonus: we're giving big Accelerators to every player who takes their generator to 10 or 11 this week!

Complete your upgrade by 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, February 29 to receive your Accelerator!

—Barry, Kabam forums


Congratulations, Commander! For upgrading your Shield Generator with remarkable swiftness, you have been awarded an Accelerator.

The Accelerator is based on your Shield Generator level:
Level 10: 7-Day Accelerator
Level 11: 14-Day Accelerator
Thank you for your tremendous contribution to defense!

New Shield Generator!, 2013 Feb 5

Need extra help defending your base from your enemies and their Generals? Help is on the way!

Now you can construct an additional Shield Generator, doubling its effect on your base and greatly boosting its defense! Make sure to check it out and begin constructing today to take advantage of this increased defensive potential!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Shield Generator Update, 2013 Apr 1

To our valued players. Our latest update to the Shield Generator has restored it to full functionality.

When Shield Generator's[sic] on Aurora-1 or Headquarters are destroyed they will be deactivated until fully repaired.

-- The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail, priority

Build-A-Thon in HQ Base!, 2015 Nov 15 16:00 (2d23h)

Greetings Commander,

Arm your bases and get ready for a Build-A-Thon!

Starting at 4:00pm on November 15th until 3:00pm on November 18th we have a chance for you to win additional prizes for upgrading EIGHT specific buildings on your Headquarter Base. Buildings that are upgraded in Aurora-1, Caldera-2, or Eclipse-3 will not count toward this Build-A-Thon

Buildings being tracked in the Build-A-Thon:
Command Center
Defense Simulator
Engineering Lab
Tech Lab
General's Quarters
Fleet Academy
Defense Lab
Shield Generator

Upgrade any 2 of these Buildings to Level 20 and win 2 X-Factor Crate! (Limit 1)

Upgrade any 4 of these Buildings to Level 20 and win 2 Rebellion Crates + above prizes! (Limit 1)

Upgrade any 6 of these Buildings to Level 20 and win 3 Quintessential Crates + above prizes! (Limit 1)

Limit One Prize per Tier. Prizes will be distributed by Wednesday, November 25th at 5:00pm PST.

At this time there will be no additional prizes for upgrading buildings to to level 21 or beyond.

Remember, check out the store for resources and items to help with upgrading your Command Center, Defense Simulator, Engineering Lab, Tech Lab, General's Quarters, Fleet Academy, Defense Lab, and Shield Generator in your Headquarter Base for this Build-A-Thon!

So what are you waiting on? Here is your chance to win stellar prizes! Remember, this Build-A-Thon ends at 3:00pm PST on November 18th, so don't miss out!

Good Luck!
-The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

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