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Platinum Particle Mystery Box (Platinum.png 20 10)

General information[]

Open for a chance to win 1, 2 or 3 Platinum Particles! Other Prizes include:

1x Renegade Crate
1x Ruby Core
General's SP 100 or 500[sic]
2.5 Hr Accelerators
Modder's Patches
Debris Mystery Boxes
Millenium Mystery Modules
30% Training Accelerator


Platinum Particle Mystery Box!, 2014 Feb 28 (Mar 1 0:00) (1d9h); Mar 3 15:00 (1d)[]


Greetings Commander,

The Platinum Particle Mystery Box has just been released into Cerulea! This is your BEST chance of winning Platinum Particles and unlocking the Ruby Armor! Remember, each Platinum Particle will turn into TWO Quadforce Crates after the event ends!

Open this Box for a chance to receive 1, 2 or 3 Platinum Particles! Other prizes include Renegade Crates, General's SP, Ruby Cores, Accelerators, Patches, Troops, Mystery Boxes and more! Priced at only 10 Platinum, this Box won't be available for long!

Good luck!

—The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

Last Chance - Platinum Particles!, 2014 Mar 5[]

The Platinum Particle Mystery Box will be in the Shop until 12:00pm PST today! Less than 2 hours remain to collect 10 Platinum Particles and unlock the Ruby Armor!

Don't miss out!

—The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail

Win Platinum Particles!, 2014 Mar 4[]

Between 3:00pm PST and 11:59pm PST on March 4th, purchasing Platinum will earn you some sweet prizes!

For every 100 Platinum you purchase, you'll win 7 Platinum Particle Mystery Boxes!

Purchase 500 Platinum or more and receive 1 Platinum Particle GUARANTEED!

There is NO LIMIT to the 100 Platinum Tier. Limit 1 Platinum Particle won
for the 500+ Platinum Tier. Prizes will be paid out by March 5th.

—The Edgeworld Team

—Edgeworld, Mail