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Incendiary Core (Platinum 25 9)

Scavenged hunks of Cerulean minerals, containing materials used for building and upgrading your turrets!

Incendiary Core is required to build and upgrade Incendiary Turrets, Sniper TurretsHeavyweight TurretsAnti-Tank Turret, Corrosive Turrets, and upgrade other defensive turrets after Level 9. This can be won by Zoot's Loot, Defense SimulatorSalvage Boxes, Zoot's Jackpot and Incendiary Boxes; or awarded for the Level-7 Command Center Mission and Incendiary Turret build Mission, or finishing in the appropriate position in a Sector's Player Tournament. Buying a Incendiary Rack gives you 5 Incendiary Cores for the price of 4.

The Incendiary Core can also be used to craft the Cerulean Fireproof Shield part in the Engineering Lab.


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