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Identity Theft (Platinum.png 90)

General information[]

Don't like your name? Change it, but don't ask how.

Identity Theft lets you change your name. It can be won at Zoot's Loot.

One is granted to every new player, replacing the old mechanic which asked for the player's name during the tutorial.

No one is obligated to change one's name from the System generated "Player1234567*" names. It is your right to choose a name within Kabam's Terms and Conditions and to spend your Loot if and when you wish. No two Players in the same Sector can have an identical Name (nor can more than one Alliance have the same name in the same Sector). Often People will use similar sounding names, special Characters, alter letter order, or add/delete punctuation to impersonate an "established" Player (or Alliance), usually this is done to harrass that Player (or Alliance, by hitting and disbanding).

A name is system generated if it is 14 characters long and ends in an asterisk, and this size makes it immune from a Base GPS scout. Names that are shorter than 14 characters are not System generated even if the name was, for example, "Player1234567" and are simply an attempt by someone to alter whose previous name to make it appear as though it were System generated (perhaps to hide from enemies).

In January 2013 a change was made to the UI where if someone owned an "ID Theft" the Player would have whose name replaced with "Change Name"; obviously that led to a complaint. The UI was changed to show the "Change Name" message when the mouse pointer was within a few inches of the Player's name; that led to another complaint that the area was far too large. Finally the complaint was resolved: Nicholas N, "...it will only say "Change Name" if you are below level 10, and have one of the system generated "Player####" names."


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