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Erazi Smuggler's Crate (Platinum.png 60)

General information[]

Intercepted from Erazi black market agents, these boxes could contain resource nanos, accelerators or even other crates!


Item Times Chance
24-Hour Accelerator %
2.5-Day Accelerator %
4-Day Accelerator %
14-Day Accelerator 3 75%
Crystal Nanos (1-week) %
Gas Nanos (1-week) %
Energy Nanos (1-week) 1 25%
Uranium Nanos (1-week) %
Annihilator Crate %
Hour of Power Crate %
Total 4 100%


BONUS Erazi Smuggler's Crates!, 2012 Feb[]

Get a free Erazi Smuggler's Crate with any Platinum purchase! Read your mail to learn more!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update


Congratulations, Commander! We appreciate your support of Edgeworld! Our supplies of Erazi Smuggler's Crates have not arrived yet, so we've granted you the even-more-valuable KIRA's Gift! Check your inventory for your new item, and thank you for purchasing Platinum!

Erazi Smuggler Interception, 2012 Mar 9[]

Destroy 50 Erazi bases this weekend for a chance to win one of 500 Erazi Smuggler's Crates!

—Edgeworld, Daily Update

The Erazi are moving black-market items through their bases on Cerulea IV. Commander, it's time to shut this operation down!

Win 50 battles against the Erazi this weekend, and you're entered to win one of 500 Erazi Smuggler's Crates! These crates are full of useful items, and can even contain other crates!

Battles must be fought between Friday, March 9, and Tuesday, March 13. Bring the fight to them!

—Edgeworld, Mail


You intercepted an Erazi courier carrying valuable supplies! One Erazi Smuggler's Crate has been added to your inventory. Thank you for participating in the Erazi Smuggler Interception event!

Train Troops to Win, 2012 Mar 25[]

Train a massive army, and win Crates!

We want to find Commanders dedicated to expanding their armies and recruiting new troops. These Commanders could win Crates containing high-value items!
200 players who train at least 100 Rhinos will win a HELIO SALVAGE CRATE!
200 players who train at least 10 Terraknors will win an ERAZI SMUGGLER'S CRATE!
100 players who train at least 10 Disruptors will win an HOUR OF POWER CRATE!
100 players who train at least 5 Pulse Tanks will win an HOUR OF POWER CRATE!

Units must be trained and in your staging area by end of day 3/25! (Midnight PST, 7am UTC). Good luck!

—Edgeworld, Mail


Your Terraknor army is enormous and terrifying! We've granted you a Erazi Smuggler's Crate in recognition of your military expansion! You can find this new item in your inventory.

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