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From Nicholas N

Think you're the strongest Commander on Cerulea IV? Prove it, with the upcoming Force system!

Force is a new score that combines your total accomplishments in Edgeworld into one easily identifiable number.

There will be 8 different ways to build Force:

  1. Player Level Force: You will gain a certain amount of Force for each level you have. To gain more, simply level up!
  2. Building Force: Build up the buildings and turrets in your HQ and Outposts for Force. Upgrade to higher levels for bigger Force gains.
  3. Research Force: All research done in the Tech Lab or Defense Lab will provide you with Force. Research higher levels for bigger gains!
  4. Training Force: Each troop you train will provide you with an amount of Force. Different troops will provide different values. This value will be further multiplied by two different factors. First, higher research level of the troop will increase the amount of Force that training the troops will provide. Second, having more and higher levels of the building the troop is trained in (Barracks, Factories, Fleet Academies) will increase the Force amount even further!
  5. General's Force: Training and upgrading the General's skills will net you Force. Train the highest level abilities for the biggest effect!
  6. Equipment Force: Upgrade your parts in the engineering lab to gain Force. Acquiring parts will not provide Force, but deleting parts will not result in a loss of Force either. Higher level upgrades will provide the biggest gains!
  7. PvP Force: Destroying a player's base in PvP combat will net you Force based on the level difference between the players, and how complete the victory was. Beware though, as you will lose Force if your base is similarly defeated. Keep your defenses high, and strive to take your opponents down a peg or two!
  8. Map Node upgrade Force. Use troops to upgrade nodes on the Map for Force. Research levels and Troop building levels will further upgrade how much Force you get for the troops sacrificed. Note that node upgrades garnered from the Alliance Shield Generator will not provide any Force.

The force system will be rolling out very soon. When it does, all players will be awarded Force retroactively for all measurable prior accomplishments (their current level, buildings, research, generals, upgrades on equipment still owned, and the troops currently in their Staging Areas)

Once players have had a little bit of time to get acquainted with the Force system, we will roll out the best parts of this new system—Sector wide all-time Force leaderboards, and Force tournaments!