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The IGO Multigaming Clan was a Group created by fan players in the Edgeworld videogame on the Bing Bang Nebula Server published by the Kabam publishing house.

The NIGO Clan of Edgeworld, born in 2009 by the Emperors Dex, Asterix1 and Luigi96, had a totalitarian system of government focused on the division of imperial power among several Dark Eminences, based on the victories obtained in the war against other clans. When a Dark Eminence completed a job she was promoted to the rank of Dark Emperor. This division was repeated cyclically indefinitely at each battle.

In late 2009, NIGO began recruiting new players for the Clan including DarthDavid. Noting his great skill in administering and managing members and affiliated groups, the Council decided to introduce him to the Diplomatic and Recruiting sector with the rank of Dark Eminence.

When the NIGO was transformed into the "IG" Empire (07 / 2009-03 / 2010) it was already in the throes of an irreversible institutional crisis, DarthDavid strengthened his position by helping the clan in the path of growth of members and establishing Diplomatic Relations with numerous clans external to the GI. Thanks to the goodness and charisma of the latter, the Dark Alliance was founded, made up of 30 international Clans, Groups and Guilds.

The Great Schism[]

During the War S.A.S. - NIGO (01/2010 - 06/2010), the Clan was put to the test, losing numerous territories and alliances. The attacks escalated as the NOS violated any form of diplomatic relationship with the IG Clan and the Dark Alliance to go to war alongside the SAS Empire. Although the clan resisted the constant reprisals of this coalition, the IG Academy (02/2010 - 01/2013) suffered heavy losses.

Conquest Map from the Edgeworld game. East [Green] the NOS faction and West [Red] the NIGO Clan

Conquest Map from the Edgeworld game. East [Green] the NOS faction and West [Red] the NIGO Clan

The first disputes by the members of the Academy influenced the headquarters of the IG so as to form different ideological alignments among the players. The first of these, formed by the honorary member "Squidward", shared the ideas of the founder Dex, opposing the totalitarian system of Asterix1 and Luigi96. The second, more moderate, side sought to create a system of government in which sovereignty was exercised directly by member players with the right of election for Clan Chiefs, Deputy Leaders and Lieutenants. The third group was headed by "DavyDeds_uper", whose intent was to solve internal problems while maintaining traditions and ideologies typical of the original NIGO clan. Consisting of war veterans and elite soldiers, their influence and political power quickly dented the clan until they convinced the undecided and other groups to join their cause. Many idealists and progressives of the Dark Alliance also sided in their favor.

Internal voting of the IG Clan during the SAS-NIGO Crisis Without the approval and support of the Emperors, following an internal vote by the IG clan (03/03/2010), DarthDavid came to power with 59% of the votes out of a total of 350 members. Initially, the disagreements between the Dark Eminences who threatened to leave taking their supporters with them, meant that in the meantime the SAS Empire and NOS gained territories, destroying and plundering bases. The Dark alliance, being aware of the situation, acquired an increasingly neutral position towards the IG clan by temporarily canceling all agreements entered into. Due to this series of events, to avoid the final defeat of the IG, the Dark Eminences accepted the loss of their powers. The IG was restructured with a new Hierarchy and a new Organization and Management System for Members while the Dark Eminences were demoted to the rank of Lieutenants. Thanks to the new Diplomacy created by DarthDavid, new Trade agreements were stipulated with the Dark Alliance and the latter, which supported the renewed IG (IGO 05/03/2010) against the SAS - NOS coalition. The War ended after a month of arduous battles with the victory of the Dark Alliance and the unconditional surrender of the SAS and NOS Empires. The Last pockets of Resistance of the Clans Folgore, IronMike, Forghetten and Sons Of Titan, allies of the SAS, were broken in the following months.


Unlike Ogame's NIGO (2005) which had a Totalitarian / Confederate system, initially the Edgeworld NIGO (2009 - 2010) had a militaristic totalitarian state which was led by "The Dark Eminence Chief", the supreme leader of the Empire with the power to create any law or approve any choice without opposing their government. "The Dark Eminence Chief" was supported by the Council of Eminences, a Chamber composed of 4 Vice Leaders with the function of covering various roles.

Fan Art Council of Eminences

Fan Art Council of Eminences

The Dark Eminence DarthDavid was is the spokesman of the empire, he dealt with foreign realities, diplomatic and state affairs with the latter. He also dealt with all moral issues and disputes between Political / Administrative offices.

The Dark Eminence Dex was in charge of the administration, management and organization of the clan, including The Imperial Academy.

The Dark Eminence Asterix1 managed and coordinated all war actions, issued directives to his Lieutenants and established new companies.

The Dark Eminence Louis96 was in charge of managing the Imperial economy and organized the work of all his Vicars. You ran the IGO espionage.

When finishing an important job such as a war or making a high contribution to the Clan, the Dark Eminence was promoted by the House as the Dark Eminence Chief. The Roles of the Dark Eminence Chief are the same as in his previous office assigned but with the power to create any law, pass it without opposing the House. She also managed and Administered all the Eminences.

Ideology and society[]

IGO Multigaming has had the opportunity to be appreciated both by members and by foreign companies due to its structure based on brotherhood and respect for the Hierarchies. With ideals based on quotations such as "Honor, Loyalty, Sacrifice and Tradition", "Strength in unity", "Our wounds are our Medals", they underline the superiority of the Empire, a strong organization and a total commitment to the IGO Clan . The internal members, thanks to the daily activities of the group, are motivated and encouraged to play together and have fun in company. Many of them have forged bonds of friendship and brotherhood that will last forever and to the point of creating real gatherings in various cities on the Italian territory such as Milan, Verona, Florence, Rome, Cagliari and Salerno.