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Missions are a set of predetermined tasks in Edgeworld. There are at least 244 in the game, each of which can only be completed once.

Completing a mission grants a reward that can contain experience points, resources, consumable items and units. Missions are accessible from the start of the game by clicking the box with the exclamation mark (!) on the bottom-right corner of the UI, displaying a screen with Kira at the top-right corner of the window that contains 10 missions.

Completed missions are always placed at the top of the list until their rewards are claimed, the remaining missions shown below that are earliest incomplete missions from a list of set order.

There are also "Daily Missions" that are unlocked at Level 10, "Daily Missions" can be anything from; attack a player below higher or equal to a certain level, Gain so much of a certain resource a day and play for zoot's treasure. But no matter which daily quests you do you can only do 3 of them but each task is justly or greatly rewarded.

Missions are divided into the following categories:

All items (13)