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Edgeworld is an online strategic-tower defense style. Players must build a Base and attack (and defend from) enemy Factions (Kabam-generated bases) and players.

Enemy factions currently attack through the Defense Simulator, whereas they used to attack players multiple times during the day at predetermined intervals.

Players level up with experience gained by Training UnitsResearching units, attacking enemy factions and players, building and upgrading structures, and using the Defense Simulator. By leveling up, the players gain a cumulative boost in attack and defense power (+10% per level, not shown anymore but still in effect).

Player attacks are restricted to number of Warps available, ranging from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 12, depending on possession or lack of a secondary base and of an additional Warp Gate. A warp regenerates every 30 minutes. A level up automatically replenishes maximum number of warps available. Attacking an online player will use two warps instead of only one. Factions, the NPC of this game, are considered constantly offline for this purpose.

store exist, in which players may exchange Platinum, the universe's currency for items, which may increase combat capabilities, speed up construction times or grant upgrades, for example. Every 20 hours, a player has a free Zoot Token, automatically used. This will grant the player a random item selected from the 8 presented to them. The item is selected by the game and cannot actually be chosen. More "useful" items tend to cost a lot, and are relatively rare to win in Zoot's Loot.

Players in Edgeworld may join an Alliance and work together for a common objective or help each other. These alliances may conquer territory in a special map and gain various bonuses.

A player can then decide how he wants to play the game and either attack other players, only fight in PVE, or compete with other players in weekly Player Tournaments, granting them a prize (either an amount of platinum or an item, depending on rank obtained).

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