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General information[]

Kabam Support Center: Aurora One Colony

The base is located in the frozen wastelands of Cerulea IV. To create this colony you need Aurora-1 Schematic.

An early Aurora-1 base

Another Aurora-1 base

This base includes a new Warp Gate; initially only combat units manufactured/trained at Aurora-1 could be sent from Aurora-1 but later units could be transfered with the Gate having a new Transfer option added. Later another Gate was granted. The Engineering Lab and Fleet Academy were granted on 2012 Sep 25.

All Research (except for Bombas, which requires a Tech Lab on your A1) is still done from the Main Base, and your researched Units can be built on both Bases (except for Bombas which can only be built on your A1). If you want Bombas on your Main Base you must transfer them using the A1's Warp Gate (or Staging Areas, with the size of transfer still limited by the capability of your A1 Warp Gates). Any Fleet Academy Troops require a Fleet Academy on your A1 in order to build those Troops on your A1; again you can transfer A1  Fleet Academy Troops from your A1 to your Main Base if you wish by clicking on your A1's Warp Gate or Staging Areas.

Resources can now be shared between the two bases by clicking a Supply Depot and selecting Transfer Resources.

Troop Energizers, Combat Tactics, etc. apply only to the base where you used it; if you were at Aurora-1 it is only for Aurora-1 units and vice-versa.


Aurora-1 Colony: Coming Soon!, 2012 Jan 16[]

The factions are jealous of your level 11 buildings. The Maar hungrily eye your technology, and prepare their soldiers and spies to strike.

We must construct additional defenses to secure our control of Cerulea IV! Commander, begin preparations for your first colony: Aurora-1!

Building Aurora-1 will unlock special upgrades, including:

New buildings and turrets to upgrade!
Train a new unit that fights to the end!
Shield Generator: boost the health of your main base!
An additional Warp every 30 minutes!

http://community.kabam.com/forums/showthread.php?57578 Read more about Aurora-1!
Get a leg up and save with the Aurora-1 Colony Kit, on sale now!
Be ready to build first thing on release day with the Aurora-1 Schematic, and waste no time with a selection of premium Accelerators and boosts!
Learn about Colony Kits in the Shop now!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Aurora-1 Colony in your Sector, 2012 Jan 23[]

The Aurora-1 Colony is now available in your Sector! Get your Aurora-1 Schematic, break ground on your first colony, and start your upgrades!

Give us your feedback and report any issues with the 'Help' or 'Support' button above the game window, or http://community.kabam.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?127 post in the forums!

—Edgeworld, Mail

We're not the only ones: our enemies have also acquired the Xirrus Zone Map. Brace yourselves for a brutal siege.
Reaching the Aurora-1 outpost, located in this frozen wasteland, will be difficult. Most of the ships we're sending won't make it back.
Get the perimeter secured and the base operational. We're still investigating, but we've intercepted some Maar chatter about a...a shield generator.


Congratulations, Commander! Your Aurora-1 Command Center has been chosen as a winner in our upgrade contest! We apologize for the delay, and we also discovered that some of our original winners may have received 8-Hour Shields instead of Accelerators. We're re-awarding the prizes now! You've received a number of 8-Hour Accelerators equal to your Aurora-1 Command Center level. Enjoy your newfound speed!


Congratulations! Your Aurora-1 Colony looks nice and inviting, and five new Pulse Tanks have parked here and joined your army!

Engineering Lab and Fleet Academy now on Aurora One!, 2012 Sep 24[]

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With the release of the Engineering Lab and Fleet Academy on Aurora One, now you can farm and upgrade your Lab parts just like your main HQ!

For full details on how to make the most of this great new feature, click http://community.kabam.com/forums/showthread.php?120629-How-to-get-the-most-from-the-Engineering-Lab! Here

Increase the effectiveness of your Aurora One Base Defenses by building your Engineering Lab and Fleet Academy today!

—Edgeworld, Mail

Aurora-1 Building Corrections - Fleet Academy, 2012 Sep 25[]

Some of you may have received a message stating that the Engineering Lab and Defense Simulator were being released for Aurora-1. While the Engineering Lab is available, the Defense Simulator is still exclusive to your main base. Any parts acquired from your main base can be used in your Aurora-1 Engineering Lab.

While you are not able to construct an additional Simulator, the Fleet Academy has been unlocked and is now available! This means Chimera and Devastators can now be constructed on Aurora-1! Make sure to check your outpost for more details, or visit the shop to purchase your Aurora-1 Schematic today!

—Edgeworld, Mail