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Inside an alliance

Alliance Window in Orion; as of Jan, 11, 2012

"Alliances are a great way to play with friends, strategize with other players, and compete dominance within your sector."

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-Kabam on alliances

An alliance is a group of players who come together to share resources and knowledge in order to conquer the map and others.

Alliances can be reviewed via the alliance button located in the bottom right toolbar. Anyone can create an alliance, and players may leave their alliances at any time. There are currently three ranks within an alliance: Leader, Lieutenant and Recruit. Leaders are allowed to add and remove members of the alliance, change the status towards other alliances (friend, foe, or neutral), create Lieutenants, and also have the normal powers of Recruits. Lieutenants have the same powers as the Leader with two exceptions, demoting/promoting other Lieutenants, and demoting the Leader. Recruits have normal powers, including sending resources and collecting the map rewards. There is only one leader per alliance, but the Leader can promote as many Lieutenants as wanted or needed.

The limit of members in each alliance, including the Leader, Lieutenant(s), and/or Recruit(s), is one hundred. Your alliance rank is calculated and updated every three hours.

Some alliances have bankers who store the alliance's resources. Bankers are usually under shield and are the main alliance members using the transfer resource button. The job of the banker may change frequently for multiple reasons. Bankers are now mostly dead, due to much lower resource requirements for everything.