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5-Finger Discount (Platinum.png 10)

General information[]

This Crate is a STEAL! Win 1x, 5x or 10x Zoot Tokens GUARANTEED! Additional Prizes include Vermillion Equipment, Tokens AND a chance to win the Zoot's Clearance Crate!

The Big Bada Boom Event is here!, 2014 Jan 31[]


Everyone knows there are 5 Elements needed to maintain balance and order in the Universe. Read below for details on how to qualify for one or all 5 Element Prize Packs! Of course the final, 5th Element is the best!

Buy the 225 Platinum package for the "Earth" Prize Pack (worth 500 Plat.!): 5x Zoot's Clearance Crate + 5x 5-Finger Discount Crate *NEW*
Buy the 400 package for the "Water" Prize Pack (worth 1,000 Plat.!): 2x Cerulean Construction Crate + Previous Prize Pack
Buy the 1000 package for the "Air" Prize Pack (worth 2,200 Plat.!): 1x Hacker's Crate + Previous Prize Packs
Buy the 2500 package for the "Fire" Prize Pack (worth 4,700 Plat.!): 1x S3 Crate + Previous Prize Packs
Buy the 5000 package for the "5th Element" Prize Pack: 1x Max-Level Crate (worth 2500 Plat.!) + 1x Order and Chaos Crate (worth 400 Plat.!) + Previous Prize Packs (total value exceeds 7500 Plat!)

All Prize items will be featured in the Shop to give you an idea of the contents and value each Crate contains!

NOTE: Event ends when the "Big Bada Boom" Daily Update is taken down! Prize Packs will be distributed 2/3/13.

—Edgeworld, Mail

2014 Feb 9 9:00 (1d)[]

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