1-Hour 8x XP Boost (Platinum 45)

General informationEdit

+700% Combat XP for 60 minutes.

As of 2012 Apr 2, Combat Strategy has been renamed to 1-Hour 8x XP Boost, used most effectively when you know how to attack several bases in tandem which yield good experience shortly in 3 warps.

It can be won by Daily Bonus, Zoot's Loot, the Level-7 Colony Warp Mission, and the Level-10 Bomba Mission. Master's Kit comes with 2 and Warrior's Kit comes with 1.


1-Hour 8x XP Boost/2013#Promotions, 1-Hour 8x XP Boost/2014#Promotions, 1-Hour 8x XP Boost/2015#Promotions, 1-Hour 8x XP Boost/2016#Promotions

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